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Resounding Truth is number 2.5 in The Resounding Series, a novella to give the readers a glimpse into the world of the Resounding Lycans. The prequel that started it all will release late spring 2015 and kick off the 8 book 
(plus multiple novellas) series.

Title: Resounding Truth
Series: The Resounding Series
Author: Kate Thomas
Release Date: 19th March 2015

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Derik has been the Alpha of the Graybacks since the death of Drucilia’s father, his murder still weighing heavy upon Dru. With fierce determination and an iron fist, the new Alpha has successfully kept them alive and fed, but the threat of Hunters and Vampires creeps ever so close. With his eye on Dru as a prime candidate for his mate, he demands more than she’s willing to give and blazes a trail of rage across the pack at her denial. 

They have waited for a savior, for someone to come and take power from Derik and the time draws near. Dru’s sister Karis can see deep into the future and makes it known that a white wolf will be their redeemer, but will he be too late? With the Queen of the vampires thirsty for an accord in blood and the head Huntress of the Circle of Elders seeking the white wolf with fever, things get tense and complicated far before the resounding truth is uncovered. 

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Kate Thomas, is the author of the upcoming Equilibrium Series, a five-book supernatural new adult series, with plans for a few more series in 2015. 
She is a CPA by trade, a church planter and entrepreneur at heart; however, writing and reading are passions she just can't help but indulge in. With more ideas than one person should be allowed, she is blessed to have a muse that doesn't seem to take a vacation and more energy that one might consider healthy.

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She writes under the following pen names:
L.A. Starkey - Young Adult & Middle Grade Paranormal
Isabella James - Sci-fi/Fantasy

Lauren Elizabeth - Adult Contemporary Romance

supplied by the Author

Where did the idea for Resounding Truth come from?
I’m very much a paranormal readers, so wolves, vamps and demons are right up my alley. I’ve been working on a YA project that focused on Greek Myth for the last year, and where I loved it like one of my kids, I was waiting to start Resounding! It’s the core of my own love as a reader. The ideas are a HUGE mixture of watching various movies and reading loads of books throughout my life. If I had to point to one place for the idea it would be to the movie “Van Heilsing”. I keep that set up, that action-packed theme in mind when I’m writing this series.

What did you do on your last birthday?
Funny enough, my family was snowed in from the artic vortex that hit the northern part of the US. We went to Branson, Missouri for the after Christmas holidays and planned to drive home on my birthday, which was a Sunday. The vortex hit and we all spent the day (my hubby, three kids, mom, dad and younger brother) staring at each other with boughs of cabin fever. It got better that afternoon as we threw snowballs at each other to fight off the aggression. *laughs*

Do you have any tattoos?  Where? When did you get it/them? Where are they on your body?
No, but I want one. I’d love one on the inner part of my left wrist, where my watch would cover it up. I want it to say, ‘fierce” or something of that nature. I do hate needles, but I’d man up for a tat.

What are you working on right now?
You bet. I have a handful of pen names, so I just wrapped up the YA trilogy under L.A. Starkey and put the box set out. I’m actually working on several things all at once. I have both my Equilibrium Series and my Resounding Series coming out this year for Kate Thomas. “The Core: Equilibrium I” is already released and “The Light” is coming by May 27th at the latest. Resounding’s first full length novel is scheduled for June 30th and I’m about 1/6 of the way through writing it now.
I’m actually turning to another pen name to work on a few serials for contemporary romance. Just want to test the market for those, so I have 6 series (2 different series) coming out in April I believe.
Other than that, I’m working to build up Good Tales Book Tours as it’s my newest baby and drinking LOADS of mountain dew!

What do you think you’re really bad at?
I’ve decided that I was picking daisies the day God was handing out patience. I released my book on Friday and by Saturday morning I’m wondering why I have no reviews! I can see that 40 books sold that first night. Where are the reviews? Um… yeah, it’s a 505 page book. Slow your roll, Kate.

Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
No, but I want one. I have a humorous personality, so I can usually keep myself occupied and laughing for longer than I care to share. I’m thinking the various characters running around in my skull most times of the day might be considered imaginary, but it’d be rude to call them that. 

Any weird things you do when you’re alone?
I talk to myself quite a bit and answer myself as well. I laugh often and it’s usually at myself. When I’m alone I honestly prefer to have a book in front of me… not too weird, unless you’re holding Twilight at a stop sign and praying no one will pull up behind you, making you put the book down and drive.

What is your favorite quote and why?
“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” (Michelangelo) I believe completely in what it says to each and every one of us. We can do anything we can put our minds to – no matter how ridiculous it may seem. Most people have been beat down by criticism or mediocrity and have officially given up on moving forward and reaching for the stars, but I believe with all my heart that each of us has the ability to do and be anything we can imagine. 

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Coffee ice cream, all the way. However… there is a cream cheese flavored ice cream that Baskin Robbins 31 will have sometimes, but they are stingy with it. So we’ll go with the readily available coffee flavor. I lack patience like nobody’s business.

Which mythological creature are you most like?
Definitely the Valkyrie. I’m much too aggressive not to be a fearless female Viking soldier, and have you seen the outfits they wear? I’m in.

What are four things you can’t live without?
My faith in Jesus. My coffee and Hazelnut creamer (that counts as one – I’m bossy, remember). My husband who is insanely fine and loves me in a way that is honestly ridiculous. My kids who make me crazy and remind me I’m loved.

What kind of music you like?
I love alternative, hip hop, rock and some heavy metal. I listen to everything my teenage girls do, including contemporary Christian music and I love to play classical on our piano. Music is one of my many muses.

Do you like to dance?
Heavens yes, though I rarely do it anymore. I danced my whole life as a child and early teen and then hit a few too many nightclubs as a young adult. Now in my thirties, I dance around the kitchen to embarrass my kids – which they love, as do I.

What are 5 things within touching distance?
My iphone – music! My coffee cup – energy! My wallet – addictions! My notepad for writing – Cheat Sheet! My surface pro – Awesomeness!!!

What is your least favorite word?
Um. I’m not sure if it’s a word, um, but, um, it take, um, up a lot of, um, space. I hate commas too. Probably um’s fault.

What part of the writing process do you dread?
Oh… editing. I’d rather brush my teeth with superglue than edit a manuscript. I’m a math girl and this grammar thing has become my nemesis. If I ever strike gold with my books I’m not going to buy a large house or a new car. I’m going to get an editor.

Where do you get your best ideas?
From  life. I try hard to pay attention to the characters in my real life and use a lot of them in my books. If I’m running dry, music is always something that will help bring me back. I write what I’d love to read really.

What do you do to relax?
I rarely relax, which is a weakness of sorts. I think I need to purchase a tranquilizer gun so that my husband can put me down when I need to take a break. The only relaxing things I force myself to do are taking bubble baths now and again and lounging in the pool in the backyard.

If we were to come to your house for a meal, what would you give us to eat?
My family is from the south for the most part, so you’d most like get a southern fried meal. Something like chicken fried steak, white gravy, butter creamed corn, whipped potatoes, and homemade biscuits. No dessert… there’s no room for it, I promise.

Do you listen to music when you're writing?
Sometimes. Music moves me and so if I know where the scene is going and need to get it out, I’ll turn the music off. The last thing I need is for the music to change the direction of my writing. If I’m just writing a short scene or something for fun outside of the context of a story – the music is what I let drive the entire piece.

What song would you choose for Karaoke?
Either Pat Benatar’s “Love is a battlefield” or Katy Perry’s “Roar”.

What is the first book you remember making an indelible impression on you?
R.L. Stine’s Fear Street Novels. They were a quick read and the romance and action were perfectly blended. I was always a little bit scared by the scene or situation and experienced almost every emotion with those books. My girls read them now.

Do you have any other talents you want to share?
Yep. I’m a songwriter as well. I wrote a short intro for my debut novel. You can check it out at this youtube link.



Title: Resounding Truth
Series: The Resounding Series
Author: Kate Thomas
Release Date: 19th March 2015

BLURB from Goodreads
Derik has been the Alpha of the Graybacks since the death of Drucilia’s father, his murder still weighing heavy upon Dru. With fierce determination and an iron fist, the new Alpha has successfully kept them alive and fed, but the threat of Hunters and Vampires creeps ever so close. With his eye on Dru as a prime candidate for his mate, he demands more than she’s willing to give and blazes a trail of rage across the pack at her denial. 

They have waited for a savior, for someone to come and take power from Derik and the time draws near. Dru’s sister Karis can see deep into the future and makes it known that a white wolf will be their redeemer, but will he be too late? With the Queen of the vampires thirsty for an accord in blood and the head Huntress of the Circle of Elders seeking the white wolf with fever, things get tense and complicated far before the resounding truth is uncovered. 

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So as soon as I saw this one on Netgalley I requested it immediately! I've been looking out for another great shifter series, and I'm hoping this may be "it". What am I hoping for? Mmm something on par with Women Of The Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong, Jessica McClain Series by Amanda Carlson and/or the Holloway Pack Series by J.A. Belfield

As I mentioned above I requested this one from Netgalley and was accepted quite quickly. I had been looking for another shifter series to read along with the other fantastic series I mentioned above.
So the cover of this book shows a full moon, and those of us who read the shifter genre know that is very important to shifters. After reading the novella I would say the couple featured almost kissing on the cover, could be Drucilla and the current and sometimes quite sadistic Alpha of the Graybacks called Derik. Then again the male could fit the description of Caleb too. There is the werewolf howling at a full moon too, another regular theme for shifter books. The colours of the cover suggest it is all taking place at a dusk setting.
Do I think this cover would make me pick the book up from a book store shelf? Yes, it shouts out that it's a shifter book, and I find the cover appealing enough that it would make me pick this one up to learn more.
So I'll start with telling you a little about the Greyback pack. The Alpha is the rather sadistic man called Derik. Derik has grown up in the pack alongside the then Alpha's daughter Drucilla. Drucilla's father had originally planned for Derik to take over from him and be mated with Drucilla when the time came. However Derik killed Drucilla's father. There is some more "back story" hinted at. The circumstances surrounding the death of Drucilla's parents is one of the major reasons Drucilla hates Derik.  Derik has so far rejected the idea of mating with anyone, never mind taking Drucilla as his mate. Instead Drucilla has a more friendship based relationship with Derik's younger brother. The pack is somewhat split in their feelings about Derik being Alpha. So it's with mixed feelings that they are considering moving their pack base. A scouting trip has been sent ahead to check out any potential dangers. 
Drucilla shares a tent with her young sister Karis. Karis if very special and both her and Drucilla are treasured by the pack. Karis has the "gift" of prophecy. She has recently had one of the prophetic dreams in which she saw a new Alpha appearing, who would become Drucilla's soul mate. When Karis tell's Druncilla about her dream it really strikes a chord with her because earlier that day whilst swimming in the nearby lake Drucilla caught a glimpse of an imposing white wolf. 
I could really go on and on about this novella. Though it's a novella, it covers so much, there's so much action, drama and little romance thrown in too.
Caleb is a rarity, an Alpha travelling alone in a search for his soul mate. Caleb also has the gift of prophecy and has seen his "true mate" in his dreams. So it is no shock to him when he finds her, swimming in a lake. It takes his mate a little longer to accept the idea.
Naturally Derik hates Caleb on sight and wants him to have nothing to do with him. Derik also notices the looks that Caleb is giving Drucilla. 
Drucilla's sister is kidnapped by vampire's, so the rumors of them being near the new werewolf settlement were true. It also seem's that Derik knows all about the vampires as he heads off to do a "deal" with them for the safe return of Karis. The head female vampire refuses to make a deal with Derik and makes her blood bond with Drucilla. Perhaps it's because of the vampires action, or the fact there's another Alpha male sniffing around Drucilla, as Derik has a change of heart and decides he may well take her as his mate after all. Drucilla is repulsed at the idea, unable to forgive him for the deaths of her parents.
Who will Drucilla end up being with? Who is her true soul mate, Derike or Caleb? What will it mean for the pack? Is the pack in danger from the vampires, or is there a greater danger to fear?
So did I enjoy the book? I loved it, the plot and characters pulled me in slowly and firmly held me there. The novella kept my attention throughout. I enjoyed the politics of two Alpha's being around each other, as well as the dangers of the Hunters and Vampires that await the pack. I also love a great kick butt female character and in this novella we have Drucilla and the early signs of another one in Karis. I also love the way the whole pack treasure Karis too even though some do not believe or find the fact that she can see the future scary.
Would I recommend the book? I do recommend this novella yes! I love a great shifter series, and this definitely seems like a promising start to a prospectively brilliant series.
Would I want to read more in this series? Yes please as soon as possible!! This series is securely added to my wishlist.
Would I read other books by this author? I intend to. I'm already considering her Equilibrium Series.

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Title: The Edge Of Hope
Series: Bad Blood
Author: Alina Popesco
Genre: paranormal, supernatural, urban fantasy, romance, vampires
Release Date: 3rd April 2014

BLURB supplied by Alina Popesco, Eyes On Books,
Everyone she loved betrayed her. She felt lost and broken. Getting away from the pain and embracing a new path, Alexa decided to leave her old life behind and chase a long forgotten dream in Malta. There she met a gorgeous man, bearing the scent of fresh love. He led her to a new city to explore, Amsterdam. Is the tall, dark, and delicious man a dream come true or just a risky gamble?

Alexa chose hope and new beginnings over fear and warning signs only to be brutally dragged into a world she never really thought existed. Vampires, their feuds, and her future held tightly in their hands.

Trapped in a mysterious world, Alexa gives love chance after chance. Following her quest of self-discovery in a blood bound world, will she survive the journey?

Find out more:
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Amazon Countdown Deal – March 29 – April 5. 
Discounted price starts at 99c.***


Coming Soon: The Breaking of Bonds, Bad Blood #2
The Breaking of Bonds, book 2 of the Bad Blood Trilogy 
will be released on May 28th, 2015

A human sacrifice has forced vampires, trueborn and baseborn alike, into an escalating conflict with one side pushing for revenge, the other for freedom. The hunt for Anthony and Louis is the trueborns’ main objective, driven by Hesrah’s desire to get even with the two baseborns and avenge her best friend, Alexa. The baseborns are rattled and divided between rallying around the rebels and obeying the rules imposed by Ankhsis.
What emerges from the portal from Earth to Ankhsis in the middle of the turmoil rocking both worlds is more dead than alive. Not human and not baseborn. Certainly not trueborn. This new being will either damn them all or be their race’s most powerful weapon. Will they trust it not to destroy them, or will Ankhsis decide putting it down is the only solution?
In the end, who is guilty? Who will pay? Will anyone survive its wrath?

“You really think you’re smart, don’t you?” he asked, frowning.
“Oh, Anthony, no. If I were smart, I wouldn’t be caught dead next to garbage like you. I hate that you tricked me and I did not sense what a freaking idiot you’d turn out to be!”
“You were so easy to fool! So needy and open and taken with me! It was child’s play.” He looked so full of himself with mean eyes and a smug smile. I felt the taste of bile in my mouth and a deep need to punch him, hard and repeatedly.
“Yeah, true. It was. Too bad you fucked it up and pulled the plug long before I was completely committed to you!”
“Who cares? You’ll do as I say.” Anthony shrugged and turned his back on me. Louis’ eyes were darting from me to him and back, as if he was keeping track of a tennis ball in a game.
“No, actually, I won’t!” Fear should kick in any minute now, I thought. I saw him stiffening, his fists clenched, slowly turning as the wild green took over his eyes. He was probably more than ready to put me in my place, but all I felt was disgust. I just needed to sort it out so that I could get out of there.
“There will be no more touching me, no more of my blood, no more anything between us. I am not yours in any way. Not your lover, not your property, nothing of yours! You want me to keep your secret and live under your control? Fine. It’s a service I will gladly provide for a monthly fee that you will pay. That, or take the risk of letting me go home and never think of me again. Oh, and my book? You…won’t…touch…that. I’ll discuss changes with you, but I get to decide!”
I never saw him coming so I stood no chance. The defensive wounds were a dream. I was down on the floor in an instant, Anthony sitting on top of me, his hands around my throat, squeezing tightly. Louis was shouting something, but I couldn’t make out the words.
“I could snap your throat in a second, you fool! Who do you think you are, telling me what to do? I should kill you right now!” His voice sounded hoarse and his fangs were quite visible as he kept squeezing my neck.
Still no fear. No more rage, just pain. “I’d rather you killed me now than ever have you making me feel like I was your property. It’s my way or fuck off and you can do whatever you want,” I mouthed more than actually making sounds, but other than the burden of his squeezing, my voice was still as determined.

He let go of my neck, but he was still on top of me. It hurt where he had touched me, breathing was difficult, my entire mid-section hurt from him putting his full weight on me. My heart hurt because of a stupid Facebook update and because of what a disappointment Anthony was. Also because of Louis’ ugly rejection, justified or not. I could never really figure out how, but I gathered all my strength and punched Anthony in the face, then pushed him to free myself. I realized I managed it just because he was too surprised to resist it, but I jumped to my feet and tried to clean my clothes a bit. The floors were dusty and I was probably the first thing used to clean them in months. 

Writer, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and even won awards in local competitions. She has always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm, which explains her deep love for vampires and is also to blame for this trilogy.



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Title: Orenda  
Series: Orenda  
Author: Ruth Silver
Publisher: Booktrope Publishing
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Publication date: December 5th 2014
BLURB supplied by Xpresso Book Tours
Join forces with a parallel universe.
Dark forces, magical creatures, and the world Lil thought she knew collide when a dream transports her to the strange world of Orenda. Stunned and terrified, Lil comes face to face with her doppelganger, Willow, who possesses the ability to travel between the two worlds. Everything Lil knows logically says that Orenda can’t exist, but a small clue may be proof that it was more than an ordinary dream. With the threat of her sister in danger, Lil crosses dimensions but it may cost her even more than she bargained for.
A sword wielding girl, the eternal suit, and a parallel universe come together in this action-packed Young Adult fantasy adventure that will keep readers of all ages turning the pages.


Ruth Silver first began writing poetry as a teenager and reading heaps of fan fiction in her free time. She has written under three unique pseudo names and penned well over a hundred stories.

She attended Northern Illinois University in 2001 and graduated with a Bachelor's in Communication. While in college she spent much of her free time writing with friends she met online and penning her first novel, "Deuces are Wild", which she self-published in 2004. Her favorite class was Creative Writing senior year where she often handed in assignments longer than the professor required because she loved to write and always wanted to finish her stories.

Her love of writing, led her on an adventure in 2007 to Melbourne, Australia. Silver enjoys reading YA novels and sharing her favorite books with other readers. She runs her own book blog and also enjoys photography and traveling.



His dark locks fell into his eyes, and he pushed them aside. “We don't have much time. I need your help, Willow.”

Lil's eyes narrowed. “It's Lil,” she said, correcting him. “Why should I help you? Why should I even go with you?” She stood beside his car, her heart thumping in her chest as she crossed her arms.
“Jamey's in trouble,” Rawlie said.
“How do you know my sister?” Lil’s eyes narrowed.
“We don’t have much time.”
Lil was torn in two. She shouldn't go with Rawlie, but the thought of something happening to her sister was even more terrifying than any gruesome scene she could imagine landing in herself. “What happened?” She looked back as the main door to the school opened and the principal came outside to the lot. It was now or never. If they waited any longer, he'd be wondering why she wasn't in class.
“If we're leaving, now would be a good time.” Rawlie jumped into the car, not bothering to open the door. He unlocked the passenger side and Lil pulled the door open, glancing back at the principal before getting into the car. A moment later, Rawlie sped off and away from Twain High.
The drive was like nothing Lil had ever experienced. She secured her seatbelt, tightening it as much as possible. The wind burned against her flesh, tearing at her skin worse than the most painful sunburn she’d ever experienced. The forest shifted in waves around them. She opened her mouth to speak, to ask what was going on, but the words didn't come. The forest grew darker the faster they drove. The trees billowed overhead and though it was spring and there had been leaves on them, the dark forest looked dead. Lil glanced back behind them, seeing a shift and a ripple, the same odd glimmer she'd seen when Rawlie first appeared outside the school.
“Where are we going?” Lil choked out, gasping for air. A bird swooped down just above her head and she flinched, swatting it away. She’d never liked birds, and she definitely wasn’t a fan of ones with large, sharp talons coming at her face.
“Yeah, I don't like birds either. Getting to Orenda through the forest isn’t an easy drive. It’ll be okay.” Rawlie moved an arm to cover and protect Lil while he drove with the other.
“How is any of this okay?” Lil’s eyes widened with alarm as the dead trees closed in on them. The roar was as deafening as a lion's, causing the windshield to shudder and her heart rate to quicken. From a distance, she could make out the faintest hint of pink light streaming in from the edge of the forest. She doubted they'd make it in time. The forest was swallowing them whole. “I want out!” she screamed, fear overtaking her.
“If we stop, we're both dead.” Rawlie didn't let up on the gas. He pushed the pedal harder to the floor, his arm protecting Lil from anything that might attack as they narrowly escaped the forest. He should have put the top up on the convertible before they left, Lil found herself thinking. A moment later, they reached the clearing and Rawlie put both hands back on the steering wheel as they came to an abrupt halt.


Swearing in YA Fiction

Teens swear. I think it’s naive to write a YA novel and use “dang”, “heck”, “shut the front door”, unless you are catering to an audience that’s twelve and you’re looking to capture that tween market.
I don’t believe every words needs to be a swear word but I do feel like if it’s natural for the character to say, they shouldn’t avoid it either.
Reading the Shadow Falls series, I was constantly annoyed by constant use of polite words for swearing (heck or dang). There were so many I felt pulled out of the story like I could be sitting there counting them. That series happens to be one of my favorites but I felt like the amount of “polite swear words” made the book geared towards twelve and up, instead of fourteen or fifteen and up. Overall, I felt like using “polite swear words” were probably overused and instead using the actual word once or twice would have been better and made the same impact.
I also feel it depends on the novel, the characters, and the situation. Are they just cursing because they’re a teenager not getting their way or are they in the middle of a post-apocalyptic war and about to die? To me the scene is important and what feels right should be expressed, to a certain degree. I don’t believe you should be needing to drop any F-bombs in YA fiction but there are other times that “dang” just doesn’t feel appropriate either.

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Title: Othello Station 
Author: Rachael Wade 
Genres: Adult, Romance
Publication date: June 22nd 2015

BLURB supplied by Xpresso Book Tours
Every woman in my life is supposed to be like Othello Station – a last stop. Unless they know how to keep their distance. I’ve managed to maintain a routine, one that works for me and one I have no intention of ever changing. But this dove came along. Soft and delicate, tainting my thoughts. I can think of twenty different ways to get rid of her. I need this dove to take flight.
But she won’t fly away.
She won’t release me from her cage.
Her wings ensnare me.
And now I want to get off this train. I wish I never boarded this ride. Because I’m about to crash and take this dove with me. But sometimes you can’t stop the crash. Sometimes you just have to hang on and let the flames ignite. Let the fire burn.
Sometimes, the fire is what saves you.


Rachael Wade is the Amazon bestselling author of The Preservation Series, The Resistance Trilogy, and the upcoming sci-fi series, The Keepers Trilogy. When she’s not writing, she’s busy learning French, watching too many movies, and learning how to protect animals and the environment. Visit her at and, or come chat with her on Twitter via @RachaelWade.